Sam Durant Lecture 7pm 5/7 @ 8535 Warner Drive, Culver City

Sam Durant Lecture 7pm 5/7  @ 8535 Warner Drive, Culver City


Sam Durant is a multimedia artist whose works engage a variety of social, political, and cultural issues. Often referencing American history, his work explores the varying relationships between culture and politics, engaging subjects as diverse as the civil rights movement, southern rock music, and modernism. His work has been widely exhibited internationally and in the United States. He has had solo museum exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, Kunstverein für die Rheinlande und Westfalen, Dusseldorf, S.M.A.K., Ghent, Belgium and the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery in New Zealand. His work has been included in the Panamá, Sydney, Venice and Whitney Biennales. Durant shows with several galleries including Blum and Poe in Los Angeles, Paula Cooper Gallery in New York, Praz-Delavallade in Paris and Sadie Coles Gallery in London. His work has been extensively written about including seven monographic catalogs and books. In 2006 he compiled and edited a comprehensive monograph of Black Panther artist Emory Douglas’ work. His recent curatorial credits include Eat the Market at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and Black Panther: the Revolutionary Art of Emory Douglas at The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles and the New Museum in New York. He has co-organized numerous group shows and artists benefits and is a co-founder of Transforma, a cultural rebuilding collective project that began in New Orleans. He was a finalist for the 2008 Hugo Boss Prize and has received a United States Artists Broad Fellowship and a City of Los Angeles Individual Artist Grant. His work can be found in many public collections including The Art Gallery of Western Australia in Perth, Tate Modern in London, Project Row Houses in Houston and the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Durant teaches art at the California Institute of the Arts in Valencia, California.
Seattle, Washington 1961
Lives and works in Los Angeles, CA


Catherine Lord studio visits and talk 7pm 4/23, 8535 warner drive, Culver City, CA

Catherine Lord is Professor of Studio Art at the University of California, Irvine. She is a writer, artist, and curator whose work addresses issues of feminism, cultural politics, and colonialism.

She is the author of two text/image experimental narratives, The Summer of Her Baldness: A Cancer Improvisation (University of Texas Press) and Son Colibri, Sa Calvitie, Miss Translation (L’une bevue, Paris). Her critical essays and fiction have been published in Afterimage, Art & TextArtcoastNew Art ExaminerWhitewallsFrameworkDocuments, Art JournalGLQX-tra and Art Paper, as well as the collections The Contest of Meaning, Reframings: New American Feminisms in PhotographyThe Passionate CameraHers 3 SpaceSite and Intervention: Issues in Installation and Site-Specific ArtDecomposingThe Art of Queering in ArtWACK! Art and the Feminist Revolution, and En Todas Partes: Politicas de la Diversidad en El Arte. She is currently collaborating with Richard Meyer on a book titled Art and Queer Culture, 1885–2005 (Phaidon Press) and a text/image project titled, The Effect of Tropical Light on White Men.

Lord’s work as a visual artist was included in the 1995 inaugural of Site Santa Fe, and has been shown at the New York Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Post Gallery, Thomas Jancar Gallery, Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center, and other venues. Her site-specific project To Whom It May Concern was included in the exhibition Cruising the Archive: Queer Art and Culture in Los Angeles, 1945-1980, which opened at ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives in October, 2011 (http://cruisingthearchive.org/towhomitmayconcern).

Artist's Statement
I tend to precarity. I work in the minefields between image and text, fiction and fact, the personal and the theoretical. I don’t rest upon a particular practice. I like theories more than the prose in which theory is generally couched. I trust images more than words. Fractionally. Thus I consider myself a visual artist.

I seek stories that can’t find a route to the surface of the archive, stories hidden in plain sight, stories drawn between the lines. I photograph ink on paper. I photograph, with care, statements that cause something to be true by the act of making the statement.
In the series, Lecture, the statements are the dedications slipped between the title page and the frontispiece of queer books. These dedications can be retrieved only by touching a dying medium. Dedications are at once intimate and irrevocably public. Though everything happens in code, the diptychs are not footnotes to a story told elsewhere. My interest is not particular identities, but a network of generosity. My quarry is the skin of the gift, the cuts and bruises and stains by which queer culture is formed.

-       Exhibition at Jancar gallery, 2011: http://www.jancargallery.com/show.php?num=204
-       The Effect of Tropical Light on White Men: http://creative-capital.org/projects/view/174


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Brad Eberhart Studiovisits and lecture , april 13th 7pm

Brad Eberhard's studio, in the garage of the Lincoln Heights house he shares with two friends, sits at the top of a narrow, perilously steep street, with a spacious view across what is, with all the winter rain, a vividly green hillside. A spare and comfortably tidy space, with a worktable, several shelves of books, a pair of vintage armchairs and an upturned milk crate coffee table, it is a congenial setting for an abstract painter with a taste for color and a propensity for philosophical inquiry.
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