Runa Islam Signup Sheet

Please specify which day you are interested in. We are also looking for volunteers to drive her back to Westwood at the end of each day.

Monday March 9th
10-1045 Matt M-H
1045-1130 Asha
1130-1215 Erica
1215-1 Chadwick
1-145 Sanya
145-230 Katie
Wednesday March 11th
10-1045 Katrina
1045-1130 Olga
1130-1215 Job
1215-1 Whitney
145-230 David
Thursday March 12th
10-1045 J.R.
1045-1130 Nan
1130-1215 Jane Parshall
1215-1 Anton
1-145 Max
145-230 Jane Jin Kaisen

Runa Islam

Runa Islam is coming to do studio visits for a number of days March 9th-13th.
More info on her here.
She will be doing up to 18 visits, depending how many people sign up.
Monday March 9th
Wednesday March 11th
Thursday March 12th

Sign-up sheet will go up Friday Feb 27th at 6 pm (today).


Alex Nagel Sign Up Sheet-Closed

Please sign up in the comments below.
Meetings will be available on February 27th at:

1:30- 2:15 Anne
2:15- 3:00 Sanya
3:00- 3:45 Chadwick
3:45- 4:30 Sarah
4:30-5:15 Jane Parshall
5:15- 6:00 Ryan


Alex Nagel Studio Visits and Talk

Art historian Alex Nagel will be doing studio visits and a talk at Warner this Friday, February 27th. His lecture, The Medieval and the Contemporary will be at 6:30pm in Center Bay.
Curator for exhibition at ApexArt in New York
Alex is here for the CAA Conference where he will be participating in the following session:
Altars, Relics, and Ascetics: The Invention of Religion in Contemporary Art on Friday, February 27, 9:30am–12:00pm. Alex's talk is titled: Non-Site-Specificity: Robert Smithson and the Holy Land which he will also be discussing with us in the Center Bay.

Available visits:
1:30- 2:15
2:15- 3:00
3:00- 3:45
3:45- 4:30
5:15- 6:00

Sign up sheet will go up this Wednesday Feb 25th at 10 am.


Yto Barrada studio visits signup sheet

10:00-10:45 Katrina
10:45-11:30 Whitney
11:30-12:15 Jane jin kaisen
12:15-1:00 Maegan
1:00-1:45 J.R.
1:45-2:30 Alex


Via Lewandowsky Studio Visits

11-1145 Isaac
1145-1230 Max
1230-115 Peter
115-2 Erica
2-245 Maegan
245-330 Nan

Yto Barrada studio visits

Yto Barrada will be coming to Warner to do studio visits on Wed Feb 25. She will do six visits from 10:00 am-2:30pm.Sign-up Sheet will go up Monday Feb 23 at 4 pm. Please sign up in that post, not in the comments of this one.
Her website is
here. She is also in a show at the Fowler museum on the UCLA campus.


Via Lewandowsky Studio Visits sign up sheet



Via Lewandowsky talk & Studio Visits

Berlin based artist Via Lewandowsky (Currently showing work at LACMA's Art of two Germanys) will be doing a talk and studio visits at Warner on  March 2nd. He will be talking at 4 pm in center bay.

His website is here.

Available visits:

Sign up sheet will go up Saturday Feb 21st at 11 am


Other Schools

Here are the Spring lecture schedules for some other schools...

Cal Arts
Art Center


Catherine Sullivan Studio Visits-Closed

10-10:45: Alex
10:45-11:30: Chadwick
11:30-12:15: Jane
12:15-1: Asha
1-1:45: Olga
1:45-2:30: Erica


Catherine Sullivan Studio Visits

Catherine Sullivan will be doing studio visits Thursday Feb 19th. Sign-up sheet will be posted online Wednesday the 11th at 10am. The visits will be 45 mins, and go from 10-2:30.


Hans Haacke this Wednesday

Hans Haacke in conversation with Andrea Fraser this Wednesday, February 11th, at 11:30am in Center Bay. Please come ready to participate with your questions and concerns.

Upcoming Visitors

This is a sneak preview of what's to come. All of these events of course are tentative, and it is not totally determined yet who is doing visits, talks, or both.

Feb 19th: Catherine Sullivan Studio visits and talk at The Hammer
Feb 23rd:
Via Lewandowsky at Warner
Feb 26th: Mary Kelly talk at The Hammer
Feb 27th: Art historian Alex Nagel
March 9th: Runa Islam
March 12th: Marie Thibeault talk at Warner
April 9th: Judie Bamber talk at Warner
April 15th: Ricky Swallow talk at Warner
April 23rd: Jordan Kantor