Mark Leckey Studio Visits 10/11/2011

Mark Leckey will be speaking at the Hammer Oct 6th, and has agreed to come to Warner for studio visits.

Desire and transformation are recurrent themes in British artistMark Leckey's work. In his performances, sculptures, films, collages, and sound pieces, he investigates these ideas by mining his personal history and character--as a man who grew up in a working class family in the north of England in the eighties, a self-described ‘autodidact,’ a participant in contemporary culture, and an artist in London. In his work he celebrates the “tawdry but somehow romantic elegance of certain aspects of British culture” as well as the imagination of the individual, and our potential to inhabit, reclaim or animate an idea, a space, or an object. For his residency, Mark Leckey is continuing his research and explorations into green screen technology, 3D cinema, CGI, and other cinematic effects. He will be working towards new video and performance projects.